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  • Michelle McQuillan

In My Heart

As I'm looking out the window and considering what to do...

I realise an hour's gone by and I'm really missing you.

The memories come flooding in, the loss feels hard to bare

I try to give myself a break, but I never quite get there.

How can time go by so fast while it's also standing still?

I drag my body through the day, mostly against it's will.

My concentration is lacking, my focus non-existent.

My intention and my apathy, are often inconsistent.

I toss and turn for hours at night yet sleep, it rarely comes

Then when it does, I awake to that familiar sucker punch

I don't know how to function even when things are important.

My motivation and lust for life appear to be lying dormant.

It sometimes feels you've gone away for a day trip or a meeting

And then, my chest feels heavy and I find myself left reeling.

How do I get through this? My life is changed for ever.

But know that you'll be in my heart always and forever.

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